29 Jun 2013

Canada Day and the Shabby Chic enrichment

Yes, of course I am an avid collector of old, used, reclaimed objects, yet I rarely buy them.
Somehow, many of those objects just find me, by way of being a gift or sometimes being just a found object.

Today I have fallen victim of a temptation and I have made a purchased acquisition, which will become a treasured member among my shabby chic collectibles (that include books, mannequins, china etc etc)
The statue is about 12 inch tall and really shows the passing of time. I do not know whether someone was removing the surface paint or it just came off.
Perhaps it is the surface wear that gives it charm, makes it intricate and feeling wanted.
As JP Sartre said, ----> "from the distance like that it doesn't do any harm, you'd almost let let yourself be caught in it...."

I am photographing it still at the studio, with an atmospheric drop-back my reproductions of stylish 19th century watercolours.
The statue of Our Lady will achieve a prominent place atop a vintage-looking sconce shelf, not far from the statue of Buddha.

I love images of women and various messages and other functions their portrayals were fulfilling. That is always of great interest to me.

Since it is Canada Day weekend I am analysing again the symbols of feminine divinity and taking another close look at the image of our Monarch on the face of our most circulated banknote, the Twenty.

I have lived in Canada for only 30 years now and the role of the Monarchy and that of the Queen of England as our monarch is not completely clear to me.
Well, I am patient, not everything has to be clear in merely 3 decades.

I am noticing that as I get older so does the venerable Monarch. That linear relationship and the image's omnipresence made me even more comfortable with the not fully understood political idea.
Hmmm, I don't know, but it is great...
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