30 Jul 2013

More literary generosity

Ottawa is not the most glamorous city in the world, sometime (particularly in late winter) is almost unbearably unsightly.
But in the summer, explodes with good greenery and things are rather great.

There is one thing that I am beginning to appreciate this town for:
this is so far the best place for finding great free read, just in a cardboard box, right on a curb or the edge of wooden stairs with a Free note.

Earlier this year some discarded (unfortunately spineless and damaged) books became my little Found Library, last year some good books on the history of ancient Rome or Art History of Early Christianity were also a prized additions to my home library.

But recently, the find was really abundant.
A stack of books from someone's collection suggests keen, if not scientific interest in Feminist studies.

With such a substantial collection of iconic feminist literature pieces such as "The Second Sex" and the correspondence between Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre.

Since only some of the books are in English, I guess my French will need to be improved a bit to crack such stuff. Hmmmm.
Oh well - we live, we learn.

One of the most pleasing
books is the one of women
artists by G.Greer.

I am very pleased to catch up
on the women lib and stuff!
This little collection of free read
will be called the Femme Library....
Love it love it!
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