10 Jul 2013

Helmut Winkler

Someone said "all good things come to an end" or something equally profound.
As if bad things were coming with a badge of immortality.
But I cannot get over Herbert Winkler is no longer the art director of Wallpaper.
I loved this magazine and everything about it.
I had retained several beautiful copies from the period of his design, but after lending them so people, I am down to ONE and holding on to it as if it were a proof that once upon a time we were smart, organized, finessed...

The tides of marketing, I don't know. It really sucks.
His work influenced so much, his organization and precision were amazing.
It brought clarity and excitement together. Orndung und culturen, forgive my Spanish.

 Front CoverDesign Literacy (Continued): Understanding Graphic Design
 By Steven Heller  

That's what I mean. Even though I loved overlapping type in terribly many instances, he could do without stuff like that. He was pure structure.
Life was sooo good with him at the old
 Wallpaper* magazine (didn't have the cursor back then...)
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