29 Jul 2013

More Summer Bounty

I am enjoying the nature's and culture's generosity again...
Recent trips out of town for an outdoor graphic installation and given me massive suntan, but also a chance to view and listen to the life of the land, the meadow and the woods.

The country roads are so beautiful now, with rich borders of wildflowers.
Having no time to take photos I had cut some of those gorgeous flowers and enjoyed them in the evening on our small terrace.

> Goldenrod (Solidago) is
a brilliantly yellow, important
medicinal plant.

> The brilliant purple stalk is that of
a Purple Loosestrife.
I am so sorry to learn that it has
become invasive - looking so

> This exquisite while flower is
Queens Anne's Lace, or simply
Wild Carrot.

The flowers in the bottom left corner
are showing the amazing architecture of it's
inflorescence.* ------------------>

* An umbel is an inflorescence which
consists of a number of short flower
stalks (called pedicels) which
spread from a common point,
somewhat like umbrella ribs.

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