21 Jan 2014

Vintage graphics

I have been noting often on my blog the nice examples of decor trends. The vintage graphics, especially those in the 18/19th century style have been going strong for a long time. But since most of my clients are men, I do not actually receive many orders that bring Shabby Chic to mind.

A Festoon rather than Garland...
However, this one, a current order - still hanging on the wall of the Studio - is the quintessential Restoration Graphic. 

For a background a was able to use a photograph of textured faux wall painting.
The overall effect is very "aromatic" and almost architectural.

As for my personal finds - I enjoy few gorgeous pre-war bowls.
The light salmon pink resembles the popular in the US depression glass.
But the strict, modernist cut pattern suggests that this was simply a nice quality cast glassware of the thirties.

I cannot wait to mix it with my Grand-mother's (now inherited by my Mom) cast round large vase of the same colour.
Also a treasured pre-war artifact.
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