5 Sep 2016

Irresistable memories

Myott, Staffordshire, and a new old dessert plate
In my grandmother times those items were the indispensible attributes of respectable household - impeccable table linens and table service.
This would be the pride and the status symbol of women.
In Europe, in regions where the destruction of war changed the social rituals most radically those objects became often merely symbolic family reliquia and memorabilia of times gone by.
For my grandmother, a pre-war bride, hardly anything survived the Nazi expulsions of 1940.
Definitely not porcelain.

After the war she had purchased some to mend emotional wounds, the longing for a sense of normalcy. Hers definitely featured Antique Roses
I had seen those lovely service pieces and admired them with a distance.
They, however, were not used for consumption, not in my time definitely, they became props.

I lived my adult life already in Canada, in much more modest, contemporary model of tea or coffee service.
However, I have been given some old pieces of what it not a porcelain, but rather  - ironstone. A successful improvement of fine stoneware by the 19th century Staffordshire potters
This is just a fragment of the "Blue stage".
Appearing amazingly fresh atop pristine white linens (gift of an older friend... Thank you!)

Oh, just last minute find:
Mini tea service, most likely Royal Copenhagen...
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