27 Aug 2016

New Acquisitions

Frank H. Masson was a prolific English ((1 October 1875 – 24 February 1965) was known for his maritime, shipping and coastal scenery.

Frank H. Mason
This is a beautiful etching, signed, vintage print, quite disadvantaged by improper framing/mating.
Not terriby lot can be done about it, because according to the practice of the past, it is already mounted on board, I can only refit with the fresh pH balanced matting and museum-quality backing board. Clear acrilic instead of dark green-tinge glass will help.

Definitely, the good way of preserving the image itself will be to reproduce it digitally.
I can imagine the Natural-toned Albrech Durer paper by Hahnemulle will be ideal and resembling the original surface.

The details of the image are fascinating,
melancholic and well drawn.
Details  ----->

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