20 Jul 2015

Old Glass Manufacturing

The search for chimneys and shades for my lamps have led to interesting finds on the subject of glass manufacturing.
I am quickly sharing some of the vintge images of this massive, often formidably looking industry.

Fascinating pages from the renown glass tableware from major manufacturers' catalogues:

Oh yes...And what I was looking for among those pages in the first place?
The S.Reich & Co was a massive glass manufacturer and gorgeous karosene lamps were wearing its glass shades.
The molds survived wars and now the production has been revived, either by Poles, but most likely by the Chechs.
One of the Reich's pages showing the lamp shades, many albeit less and less can be still seen in older homes, among vintage-enthusiasts and antique shops:

My recent aquisition isn't Reich's, it is most likely an Americal, Rochester-style lamp.
We are yet to find more info and a shade for it....
So far, this fascinating information comes from www.glas-musterbuch.de site.

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