27 Feb 2013


It's the end of February we are covered with snow and it's still snowing. And snowing. Oh - and snowing again.

Besides obviously not much, this is documenting the peculiar vintage element we share in Ottawa even in the most central areas of the city: the wooden electric pole.

Electric poles like this are a distinct relic of the past, and we are not sure whether to love them or despise them.
The poles are surely prone to the elements - wind, ice buildup. Some people thought that they could perform a side kick and seemed to be good for stapling posters, neighbourhood lost and found etc, but the City doesn't like it.
So we don't.

I know, some people whose names start with L are vacationing in the mountains, spending their afternoons in the spa with the laptop getting nice and shiny.... Yep, I have seen the photos of that Villa....
I am dreaming on..........
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