28 Apr 2014

The War

I rarely speak of my work on this blog, because I do that a lot at the Studio, but here it comes...
A few panoramic files came to be enlarged and reproduced.
One depicts Canadian troops ready for departure, "a red thin line", another - a scenery somewhere in France.

After all, it's been 100 years since the First World War broke out, senseless massacre that gulped millions and the world lost its innocence once again, my great grandfather left his beautiful wife and family and went to fight for the Keiser.
Forced to it, he knew it wasn't  his war, took bullets more often than fired them, spent most of his time in the Lazaret.
Life that never recovered.

My subscription of the Queens Review expired, but I bought the current issue lately.
It reminds of the gloomy anniversary, featuring one of the interesting Canadian War Artists - Nevinson, whose work I had privilege to reproduce.
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